Why Choose Alpaca Wool?

Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool is known as the "princesses" of wool, one of the most prestigious natural fabrics

The thin, hollow fibers creates the softness, light and thermal insulation that makes the alpaca wool one of the highest qualities. Since 1987 we have been raising alpacas for their wool. In the mountains of the Negev, the dry climate is ideal that help create the best quality wool. At our farm, we product the wool throughout all the stages, from the breeding, to the shearing and turning the wool into hanks of yarn.

The best time to start shearing the alpaca herd is early spring allowing the alpacas to get use to the summer sun, and lets them grow back enough wool for the cold winters. After we shear the alpacas, we take the wool and process it in the factory on site preparing the wool for the coming winter. 


Every year with the coming of spring and the days start to get warmer, the alpacas are due for a haircut. For the Alpaca Farm, Passover is also the holiday for shearing our Alpacas!

Our shearing process is done by advanced machines that cause no discomfort to the alpacas. In our very on factory on the farm, we are able to overlook the whole process of creating the wool. The wool comes in 4 basic colors: black, brown, grey and white and from these there are about 32 natural tones (our wool is not dyed).

Our farm is one of the only farms where the entire process takes place under one roof – from birth to knitting

The Alpaca Wool

Softness – The wool is very soft and pleasant to touch. Due to the unique production process there are no "Sharp edges".

Thermal Isolation – Due to the special structure of the fibers, Alpaca wool offers exception isolation, both from cold and from got temperatures.

Lightweight- Alpaca wool weighs about half of Sheep wool.

Natural colors- All of the wool we produce is not dyed so it is available only in the natural colors: Black, White, Grey and Brown (as well 32 combinations). Our wool does not lose color over time.

Knitting Wool

Alpaca wool is considered among the best in the world for knitting. Due to its unique physical properties, it offers a combination of light weight, softness and thermal Isolation.

Our Wool Shop

You can visit our store on opening days of the farm and purchase knitting wool. as well as other wool products such as hats, sacrves, shawls and gloves.

Contact us

Give a call, write us an email or simply fill in the form and we will get back you within a day.

Phone: 972-528977010  |  Email: Farm@Alpaca.co.il

Give a call, write us an email or simply fill in the form and we will get back you within a day.

Phone: 972-528977010  |  Email: Farm@Alpaca.co.il

Opening hours

The Farm is open for visits on every day between  09:30-16:30

Last entrance at 16:00

No reservation is required for visits during opening hours

Groups of 30+, Horseback riding, Picnic with a Llama and accommodation are available every day at any time – Please contact us for reservations

Unfortunately we cannot allow dogs or any other pets on the Farm

Farm Visits - Singles and Families - 30 NIS

The entrance fee includes an guided explanation about the story of the farm, our animals and the wool production process. Each visitor will receive a personal feeding bag to feed the Alpacas from your palm.

Visitors from age 3 and above, are required to purchase a ticket

Discounted tickets for senior citizens, IDF and police personal, and students and people with disabilities


Group Visits - 25 NIS

Groups of 30 visitors or more  are welcome to come and enjoy a discounted group rate.

The price includes a private guide and a feeding bag for every visitor.

To enjoy the group rate, a group must have a single payer.


שעות כניסה

החווה פתוחה  בין השעות 09:30-16:30

כניסה אחרונה חצי שעה לפני הסגירה


אין צורך לתאם מראש ביקור
למעט קבוצות (מעל 30 איש)

הכניסה בעלות 30 ש"ח למבקר
תושבי עוטף עזה והגליל העליון – 20 ש"ח

פעילויות רכיבת סוסים ופיקניק לאמה | בכל שעות היום, בתיאום מראש

קבוצה מעל 30 איש | בכל שעות היום בתיאום מראש

לא ניתן להכניס כלבים לחווה.

בודדים - 30 ש"ח למבקר

מחיר הכניסה לחווה כולל השתתפות בהדרכה, ביקור במפעל הצמר, בית הקפה, האכלת האלפקות והלאמות מכף היד וסיור חופשי בחווה. 

כמו כן המחיר כולל חלק מפעילויות היצירה לילדים.

קבוצות -25 ש"ח למבקר

המחיר כולל הדרכה פרטית לקבוצה (למעט חגים ושבתות), האכלת האלפקות והלאמות מכף היד וסיור חופשי בחווה.

המחירים הם לקבוצה של 30 איש ומעלה, בתיאום מראש ובהוצאת הזמנה לביקור.

בעקבות המצב החווה פתוחה בימים חמישי, שישי, שבת וראשון בין השעות 09:30-16:30
הביקורים והלינה בחווה בעלות מוזלת לתושבי עוטף עזה והצפון