Corporate Events and Offsites
At The Alpaca Farm

Looking for the perfect location for a company offsite? A place where you can relax from the daily race against the calendar, take in some fresh air and a quite sunset
The Alpaca Farm is the perfect place for your next event or company retreat. The amazing views and peace of the desert together with comfortable and stylish facilities make the perfect playground for your team.
We'll help you plan and execute an unforgettable experience!

The perfect event should have a perfect combination of comfort and nature

  • Magical accommodation in cabins or Yurts

  • Various options for gathering and work areas

  • Amazing viewpoints and magical foot paths

  • Alpacas and Llamas pooping by for a quick visit

whether you're coming for a workshop, an executive retreat or a company trip, our farm is the perfect place for an exciting, memorable and effective event

We had built our retreat center to specifically to host retreats and we have the experience and knowledge to help you plan the perfect even

Planning your retreat - together

After you tell us your vision, we'll plan and a build the perfect package together with you: Accommodation, work time, inspirational activities, and ... Alpaca and Llama time.


We offer several accommodation options to match your company's and the events DNA and atmosphere. All of our accommodation units are air conditioned and equipped to offer the perfect sleep and resting space

Work spaces

You can choose between several work areas, both indoor and outdoor

Additional Activities

We offer a variety of activities to supplement you stay: Yoga, Star Gazing, ODT and many more

Let us help you plan - Write us a few words about you needs and goals

Phone: 051-2998460

Opening hours

The Farm is open for visits from Thursday to Sunday between  09:30-18:30

Last entrance at 18:00

No reservation is required for visits during opening hours

Accommodation and Picnic with a Llama and are available every day at any time – Please contact us for reservations

Unfortunately we cannot allow dogs or any other pets on the Farm

Discounted tickets for senior citizens, IDF and police personal, students and people with disabilities

The entrance fee includes an guided explanation about the story of the farm, our animals and the wool production process. Each visitor will receive a personal feeding bag to feed the Alpacas from your palm.


Group Visits - 40 NIS

Groups of 30 visitors or more  are welcome to come and enjoy a discounted group rate.

The price includes a private guide and a feeding bag for every visitor.

To enjoy the group rate, a group must have a single payer.


שעות כניסה

החווה פתוחה לביקורים בימים חמישי-שישי-שבת-ראשון

בין השעות 09:30-18:30 

כניסה אחרונה חצי שעה לפני הסגירה

הנחות לכוחות הביטחון, נכים גמלאים וסטודנטים.

מחיר הכניסה לחווה כולל השתתפות בהדרכה, ביקור במפעל הצמר, בית הקפה, האכלת האלפקות והלאמות מכף היד וסיור חופשי בחווה.  כמו כן המחיר כולל חלק מפעילויות היצירה לילדים.

קבוצות -40 ש"ח למבקר

המחיר כולל הדרכה פרטית לקבוצה (למעט חגים ושבתות), האכלת האלפקות והלאמות מכף היד וסיור חופשי בחווה.

המחירים הם לקבוצה של 30 איש ומעלה, בתיאום מראש ובהוצאת הזמנה לביקור.

אין צורך לתאם מראש – ניתן פשוט להגיע שעות הפעילות

לא ניתן להיכנס לחווה עם כלבים

תודה רבה

ניצור איתכם קשר בתוך יום עסקים אחד
מצפים לכם בין האלפקות :)