Attractions around the Farm

Tell me about the wonderful surroundings of the farm

Coming to the farm for a couple of hours or a few days?

There are many activities waiting for you!

The Starry Sky Above the Crater

The Ramon crater is a UNESCO international heritage and an internationally declared dark skies reservation. Take a night trip into the crater to watch the endless sky above. You can join a guided astronomical activity or just throw a mat on the ground and gaze up.

The Ramon Crater

The Ramon crater is the largest of the Negev craters and is characterized by a variety of stunning views and unique geological phenomena. Such as sand dunes that cross dikes that are millions of years old, colored sand, running water springs, canyons, cliffs, and "carpenter hill" an area with unique sandstone and basalt prisms that looks like blocks of wood.

For more details – Mitzpe Ramon visitor center:


The Glowing Footpath

At the entrance to the sculpture park of Mitzpe Ramon, lies a magical man made footpath studded with glowing stones – in the night you will feel you're walking on the stars.


צילום: שמעון בוקשטיין


A sandstone hill with dark stones at the top, reminiscent of boards or wooden pillars scattered on the carpentry floor. A fascinating and rare natural phenomenon worth visiting.

The ammonites Wall

Chalk wall embedded with ammonites – huge snails – fossilized. The ammonites were water animals that became extinct a million years ago.

Nahal Haverim

Nachal Hawarim near Sde Boker offers a pleasant and mysterious night hike with the "flashlight" that will illuminate the way for you is the moonlight. The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel's Mount Negev Field School recommend hiking at dusk or during nights with a full moon Located a 25-minute car ride from the farm

Bor Hemet

The Hamat pit is a partially restored water cistern, where you can see the method of collecting rainwater and floods, which are essential for desert agriculture. Alongside the cistern, there are also agricultural terraces, which are scattered in the shallow channels and used for ancient agriculture.

The Western Border Road

The road (number 10) stretches along 180 kilometers and offers amazing views of the Sinai peninsula and the Negev mountains. The road starts north at Nitzana and follows the border with Egypt all the way towards Eilat. The road is open only on national holiday – please consult with us before going on the road.

Borot Lotz national reserve

A set of fascinating hiking trails where you can find ancient cisterns, unique desert flora and remains of ancient Nabatean agriculture.

לפרטים נוספים – בורות לוץ 

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Give a call, write us an email or simply fill in the form and we will get back you within a day.

Phone: 972-528977010  |  Email:

Give a call, write us an email or simply fill in the form and we will get back you within a day.

Phone: 972-528977010  |  Email:

Opening hours

The Farm is open for visits on every day between  09:30-16:30

Last entrance at 16:00

No reservation is required for visits during opening hours

Groups of 30+, Horseback riding, Picnic with a Llama and accommodation are available every day at any time – Please contact us for reservations

Unfortunately we cannot allow dogs or any other pets on the Farm

Farm Visits - Singles and Families - 30 NIS

The entrance fee includes an guided explanation about the story of the farm, our animals and the wool production process. Each visitor will receive a personal feeding bag to feed the Alpacas from your palm.

Visitors from age 3 and above, are required to purchase a ticket

Discounted tickets for senior citizens, IDF and police personal, and students and people with disabilities


Group Visits - 25 NIS

Groups of 30 visitors or more  are welcome to come and enjoy a discounted group rate.

The price includes a private guide and a feeding bag for every visitor.

To enjoy the group rate, a group must have a single payer.


שעות כניסה

החווה פתוחה  בין השעות 09:30-16:30

כניסה אחרונה חצי שעה לפני הסגירה


אין צורך לתאם מראש ביקור
למעט קבוצות (מעל 30 איש)

הכניסה בעלות 30 ש"ח למבקר
תושבי עוטף עזה והגליל העליון – 20 ש"ח

פעילויות רכיבת סוסים ופיקניק לאמה | בכל שעות היום, בתיאום מראש

קבוצה מעל 30 איש | בכל שעות היום בתיאום מראש

לא ניתן להכניס כלבים לחווה.

בודדים - 30 ש"ח למבקר

מחיר הכניסה לחווה כולל השתתפות בהדרכה, ביקור במפעל הצמר, בית הקפה, האכלת האלפקות והלאמות מכף היד וסיור חופשי בחווה. 

כמו כן המחיר כולל חלק מפעילויות היצירה לילדים.

קבוצות -25 ש"ח למבקר

המחיר כולל הדרכה פרטית לקבוצה (למעט חגים ושבתות), האכלת האלפקות והלאמות מכף היד וסיור חופשי בחווה.

המחירים הם לקבוצה של 30 איש ומעלה, בתיאום מראש ובהוצאת הזמנה לביקור.

במהלך החג החווה תהיה פתולה כל יום בין השעות 09:30-16:30
הביקורים והלינה בחווה בעלות מוזלת לתושבי עוטף עזה והצפון