Visit The Farm

Activities on the farm

Visit the Farm

A visit to our farm is fun, pleasant, and educational. The amazing desert view is the perfect background to meet and feed our Alpacas and Llamas from the palm of your hand. You will also and learn about wool production, and relax in our stone cabin where we have our wool shop as well as coffee and ice cream.

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In our stone cabin the younger visitors can participate in some arts and crafts to make a souvenir to take home with you, while the older visitors can have a relaxing cup of coffee. Some of the activities are for an additional fee.

In south America, Llamas are used for carrying cargo across mountain ranges. Our llamas are free from such activities, but they will be happy to pose for a picture, get a pet on their head or even take your picnic bag on nice walk on the hills surrounding the farm.

Our shearing process is done by advanced machines that cause no discomfort to the alpacas, similar to cutting a person's hair. Guests of our farm also join in the festivities of the shearing, and sometimes giving unique ideas for haircuts. In our very own factory on the farm, we are able to overlook the whole process of creating the wool. We are proud of the quality of wool from our Alpacas, and that we are the only farm outside of the Americas where all stages of production, from breeding to the clothing from the wool. The wool comes in 4 basic colors: black, brown, grey and white and from these there are about 32 natural tones (our wool is not dyed).

The Amazing Story of the Farm

How did a crazy idea of a young couple (Ilan and Naama Dvir) turned into a unique farm in the heart of the desert?

How could we bring a huge herd all the way from South America to the Negev?

The Alpacas and Llamas

Get to know these cute and unique cousins. They are closely related, but each has their own traits and peculiar habits. Learn about the similarities and differences between them, how they are used in South America, how they behave and of course… why do they spit???

Picnic with a Llama

Join a Llama for an unforgettable experience.
When you will get to the Farm you will be met by your personal Llama, that will take you up the hill to one of our magical viewpoints, where a shaded picnic table will be waiting.
After this quality time together we are sure you will fall in love forever.
Please reserve this activity in advance and bring the picnic goodies you like (we cannot provide food)

Contact us

Give a call, write us an email or simply fill in the form and we will get back you within a day.

Phone: 972-528977010  |  Email:

Give a call, write us an email or simply fill in the form and we will get back you within a day.

Phone: 972-528977010  |  Email:

Opening hours

The Farm is open for visits on every day between  09:30-16:30

Last entrance at 16:00

No reservation is required for visits during opening hours

Groups of 30+, Horseback riding, Picnic with a Llama and accommodation are available every day at any time – Please contact us for reservations

Unfortunately we cannot allow dogs or any other pets on the Farm

Farm Visits - Singles and Families - 30 NIS

The entrance fee includes an guided explanation about the story of the farm, our animals and the wool production process. Each visitor will receive a personal feeding bag to feed the Alpacas from your palm.

Visitors from age 3 and above, are required to purchase a ticket

Discounted tickets for senior citizens, IDF and police personal, and students and people with disabilities


Group Visits - 25 NIS

Groups of 30 visitors or more  are welcome to come and enjoy a discounted group rate.

The price includes a private guide and a feeding bag for every visitor.

To enjoy the group rate, a group must have a single payer.


שעות כניסה

החווה פתוחה  בין השעות 09:30-16:30

כניסה אחרונה חצי שעה לפני הסגירה


אין צורך לתאם מראש ביקור
למעט קבוצות (מעל 30 איש)

הכניסה בעלות 30 ש"ח למבקר
תושבי עוטף עזה והגליל העליון – 20 ש"ח

פעילויות רכיבת סוסים ופיקניק לאמה | בכל שעות היום, בתיאום מראש

קבוצה מעל 30 איש | בכל שעות היום בתיאום מראש

לא ניתן להכניס כלבים לחווה.

בודדים - 30 ש"ח למבקר

מחיר הכניסה לחווה כולל השתתפות בהדרכה, ביקור במפעל הצמר, בית הקפה, האכלת האלפקות והלאמות מכף היד וסיור חופשי בחווה. 

כמו כן המחיר כולל חלק מפעילויות היצירה לילדים.

קבוצות -25 ש"ח למבקר

המחיר כולל הדרכה פרטית לקבוצה (למעט חגים ושבתות), האכלת האלפקות והלאמות מכף היד וסיור חופשי בחווה.

המחירים הם לקבוצה של 30 איש ומעלה, בתיאום מראש ובהוצאת הזמנה לביקור.

במהלך החג החווה תהיה פתולה כל יום בין השעות 09:30-16:30
הביקורים והלינה בחווה בעלות מוזלת לתושבי עוטף עזה והצפון